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  • Core Aerating and overseeding:  We use a Ventrac AERA-vator along with a Plug Puller. The best duo in the biz. This combination of tillage machines will give us the seed to soil contact necessary for success.  We would apply compost in the critical areas around your home. Our seed is  Blue Tag certified seed and is bred for this area and climate. With the high cost of seed we had considered moving to a lesser quality but we would have to change our name to 'OK Grass'.  We have been using this seed since 2016 and our lawns reflect the quality.    (More information on our AWESOME SEED!). To get the seed going, starter fertilizer loaded with goodies will be applied as well. Lime is great for baby grass too. And we don't just chuck a few bags and hope that works. We would put down 200 bags of lime at your place (Pending soil test results). Finally, we will be monitoring progress and adding seed to areas that wash out, or are just thin after our initial seeding at no additional charge. 


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