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Soil Testing

Making informed decisions to enhance soil health, boost plant growth, and promote sustainable land use through soil composition analysis.

Why Is Soil Testing Important?

When soil is unable to provide nutrients in the proper amounts, it can lead to reduced plant vigor and increased susceptibility to damage from disease, insects, drought, and other conditions. Routine soil testing is a great tool to help identify nutrient deficiencies or soil chemical factors that are limiting plant growth.

​To take the guesswork out of proper lawn care and maintenance, we offer comprehensive soil testing service to residential and commercial property owners; AG customers recieve this service free of charge every 3 years. 

Why choose Amazing Grass Soil Testing Service?

We believe that the first step to a healthy lawn is understanding soil composition. Our soil testing services provide detailed information about the different values present in your soil, pH level, nutrient status, and compounds that are detrimental to your yard’s overall health.  This information about your lawn composition will guide you in planning an effective lawn care routine, as well as save you time and money.

Our soil testing service is an inexpensive way of maintaining good plant health and optimum vitality of your lawn without polluting the environment due to unnecessary fertilizer application. The results, from a certified testing lab are accurate, unbiased so you can manage your soil to grow greener lawns in the long run. AG techs collect soil samples using the proper techniques and equipment every two to three years.

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