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Season Long Program

Detailed Summary of our Season Long Program

  • Pre-emergent + Fertilizer - We apply a state-of-the-art fertilizer that feeds until August and lays down the first half of your crabgrass control. We use a technology that doesn’t leach into the bay and some of the components are 100% sustainable. Gives your yard a kick and feeds all spring and summer. Your lawn is just like us, it likes to eat every day. This treatment does exactly this all the way through Summer.

  • Mid Spring Pre Post - We apply the rest of your crabgrass control prevention (and other weed prevention) along with a stout broadleaf product that is deadly to the nastiest broadleaf weeds in your lawn. We add a sticker and other adjuvants to ensure the spray goes where we want it to go and doesn’t move off your lawn. We hate weeds and have a zero tolerance policy...

  • Grub and Surface Feeders - This application will protect your roots from density robbing bugs that open your lawn up to water challenges, disease and an overall lack of vigor. We use both a grub control and a surface feeder control. This will briefly control fleas, ticks and even knock down a few skeeters. If you would like a more comprehensive program for fleas and ticks or mosquitoes, please email or call our office.

  • Summer Weed - Ahhh Summer is here and so are a bunch of weeds that love this climate. Nutsedge, wild violet and the list goes on. We treat all these (and by the way we will spray them every round we are on your lawn).

  • Soil Builder - In lieu of Physical Aeration, we apply a state-of-the-art package of nutrients, humic acids, wetting agent, and dethatcher that "eats" up organic material that is not broken down, helps create pore space which moves and holds water in the root zone.

  • Late Summer Fertilizer – Now is the best time to feed! Once again, we are using a fertilizer that is 100% renewable, reusable and sustainable. It is loaded with micro and macro nutrients. It’s homogenous (every particle contains all of the nutrients) so it really provides some incredible nutrition and recycles organic materials back into the soil, improving the soil and the health of your lawn.

  • Fall Fertilizer - Same as Late Summer Fertilizer, just a little less since Dept of Ag restricts the amount of nitrogen that can be applied to your lawn. This application helps your lawn get through the winter. You will have the greenest lawn on the block all winter.

  • Winter Weed - My favorite weed application of the year. Starting in September, winter annuals start to emerge (henbit, chickweed, bittercress and more). This treatment wipes them out, which allows your lawn to not have to compete for water or nutrients.

  • Fungicide Program (Optional) – We have seen an increase in disease over the past few years Several lawns that we renovated lost ½ their turf to disease attacking the baby plants. This program helps ensure your lawn is protected from every turf disease possible. It includes 4 applications of 4 different chemistries covering over 50 lawn diseases (we don’t have that many, but the label says so).

  • Lime (Optional) – Our soils are very low in pH. It is recommended that almost all of our customers get a lime treatment. Just like the rest of our applications, we don’t cut any corners here. We put down at least 25 lbs per 1000 sq feet to make sure we get a reaction (10 bags on a 10,000 sq ft lawn). A low pH means that many of the nutrients in your soil may be tied up, so there are many benefits to a lime application.

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