By employing several diverse control measures together, our pest control professionals can reduce biting mosquito populations by 87% all season long!

Starting at $85/month.  We offer a $15 discount per application to our current season long lawn care customers.

A little about our mosquito program:

  • We use the most powerful insecticide on the market providing 30 days of control.
  • The active ingredient is up to twenty times more effective than other products due to the active ingredient is micro encapsulation technology. Inside the formulation millions of microcapsules surround the active ingredient w/ dual wall construction.  This allows the application to withstand powerful UV rays and pH extremes.  The capsules are also formed in varying sizes that readily adhere to pests on contact.  Smaller capsules quickly release the active for quick knockdown, while larger ones provide longer release for lasting residual control. 
  • The technology is approved by World Health Organization for effective mosquito control.
  • We also use an IGR (insect growth regulator) that interrupts the reproduction cycle of the mosquito and one additional ingredient to get the mosquitoes moving for quick kill of the active population.  The program will not eliminate all mosquitoes (we cannot control the rouge mosquitoes that enter from adjoining properties), however, it will reduce the population by 87% and get you back outdoors.


Monthly Mosquito Application All Season Long

  • Our Season Long Spray includes a complete barrier spray around your entire property. Also, we will spray inside tents and around gathreing areas to prevent mosquitos from interrupting your party!