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Servicing commercial & residential clients in Harford, Baltimore and Cecil counties.  Call us today at 443-412-5923 to learn more about our service.

A Bit About Us

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a family owned business local to Harford County with over 30 years of experience growing grass and controlling weeds & turf disease.  ​

Many factors go into a healthy green lawn, which can be influenced by the local climate. The type of turfgrass and weeds native to the area, soil conditions, rainfall, and temperature are just a few of the things that will affect the appearance of your lawn. Amazing Grass knows the Maryland environment and will provide a specific program and recommendations to make your lawn healthy and green.  We take pride in our service and provide a complimentary soil test to each of our program customers to ensure that the right services and products are used for the healthiest turf.


Turf is our passion, results are our goal.  If for any reason you are unhappy with our lawn care service we will come back to your home or business for a free service call in-between applications, no questions asked.


What Makes Us Different . . . .

  • We start with a soil test. The biggest benefit of soil testing is it provides us with your soil's pH and measures the availability of soil minerals and nutrients.  A soil test is the best way to determine what is needed for a healthy lawn.  We will check your soil every 3 years. 


  • To ensure 100% coverage for weed control we spray all of our chemicals.   All edges also receive a full rate application; we never stop short. Normal industry standard is a ½ rate which saves cost but could allow for weeds to surface. 


  • Adjuvants are added to all of our chemicals.  Adjuvants provide a consistent spray pattern/droplet size for drift reduction. They also help the chemical stick to the leaf surface.  Once the chemical is applied to the plant it will start working and there is no need to worry that rain will wash it away.  Additionally, chemicals break down quickly in water; the adjuvants prevent chemical breakdown for maximum performance.


  • Our spring lawn care program fertilizer contains no filler.  Most fertilizer blends contain inactive ingredients in the bag.  This filler of clay, ground corn cob, limestone, etc. merely occupies space.  We use the highest quality fertilizer available. The initial application for our standard program is an enhanced efficiency fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass prevention.  The controlled-release reduces the growth spikes and feast & famine effect that is produced with other fertilizers that are applied at 6-week intervals; your lawn will feed for 120 days with one application.  The remaining applications for the season consist of a new technology of fertilizer which promotes deep greening and provides nutrients when plants need them most.  The fertilizer is  loaded with Amino Acids that are essential for healthy grass.

  • There is actually nothing basic about our basic Grub Program.  We apply a proven grub product along with a surface feeder product that will actually give you some mosquito control for a brief time while controlling pesky insects that want to eat your yard. Other companies charge separately for this service.


  • We are locally owned & operated, licensed & insured.  We care about our clients and make it a priority to be accessible, attentive, and helpful.


Want to know more?  


Professional Service, Professional Results

Lawns that are discolored, slow-growing, have invading weeds, or other pest problems may not be properly fertilized. Fertilizer is important for healthy, vigorous plant growth and development. At Amazing Grass we use only the highest quality products, applied with professional equipment to ensure a healthy turf foundation.

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Weed Control

Turf's Enemy #1

Give a weed an inch and it will take a yard.  

Weeds compete with grass for space, water, nutrients, and light. They can be very aggressive and take over a lawn quickly if not kept in check.  As a part of our season long program, Amazing Grass will monitor your weeds and provide additional applications at no cost.

Aeration & Seeding

What's that about . . .

  • Reduce Compaction

Over the course of the year, as a result of weather and standard foot traffic, the soil will become compact and cement like. Reducing soil compaction allows for greater water infiltration and retention, increased oxygen and CO2 exchange - enabling roots to grow deeper and stronger.   As part of our program we include a liquid aeration application that increases soil pore space by combining smaller clay soil particles to create larger particles.  We have realized excellent results with this technology and have been able to lower the cost of aeration to our customers by 50%.  Physical aeration is still important when overseeding.  It also greatly increases soil to seed contact, which is essential for germination of the seed. It is recommended to leave the plugs of soil on the turf, as the nutrients from the plugs dissolve back into the turf and act as a natural fertilizer for the newly planted seed.

  • Why New Seed?

Adding new seed to turf is highly recommended, as bare areas may be the result of a full season of weed control. Filling in the vacated areas with healthy grass will restore the uniform healthy look to the lawn, but more importantly, it will crowd the turf to lessen the ability of invasive weeds to continue to spread in the lawn. Weeds can be fought every season, but if there is never a replenishment of healthy seed, the same areas will fall victim to invasive weeds and continue to be problematic.  It is also important to introduce new genetics into turf through new seed to create improved traits such as disease resistance, establishment rate, nitrogen use, water use, drought tolerance, competitiveness, and shade/heat tolerance.

Amazing Grass will monitor your lawn during the season and make recommendations for fall service if necessary.  We will never sell you a service that you do not need.  

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Mosquito Control

Take Back Your Yard!

Reduce the mosquito population in your yard by 85% with our kid and pet friendly service.​

  • Seasonal Treatments

We offer seasonal programs to control mosquitoes all season long. In addition to mosquitoes, the treatments also effectively control fleas and ticks. Treat your family and pets to a bite-free backyard all summer long.

  • Special Event Treatments

Our Special Event Spray is perfect for weddings, parties, or any other outdoor functions.  We typically visit 48 hours prior to the event for a thorough site evaluation. The specified area is treated between 24-36 hours before the event is scheduled to begin.

  • All Natural Treatments

Protection from mosquitoes with a Chemical Free application using an industrial strength solution of all natural cedar and cinnamon oil. This service will repel and control mosquitoes for about 14 days.  Smells great and the perfect option around pools, piers, and other water sensitive areas.

Happy Customers Say . . .

I highly recommend Amazing Grass.  John & Mark serviced my lawn in October w/ aeration, over-seed and fall fertilization. My lawn has never looked better.  Looking forward to starting our spring service.  - Glenn P.

Wow!  They were not kidding when they said my grass would look amazing.  Very happy with the service.  Thank you AG.  Tim S.